Ysabel Mora

The brand Ysabel Mora was born in the seventies from a bold woman in Valencia when she decided to venture in the hosiery world. Step by step she started adding even more products to her collection by creating tights, underwear, collants, isothermal clothes, slippers and a huge array of swimwear products.

The brand Ysabel Mora after many years of presence in women, men and child clothing is proud to offer high quality products, that follow the latest fashion trends while maintaining the highest level of comfort and elegance. In the Greek market they offer slips, lastex underwear, body-shapewear, collant-lastex and leggings to achieve the best shaped woman’s body. Through their special design they provide ultimate comfort to new mommies with a collection perfectly adopted to their post birth body… even after many cycles of wash and wear.

The collection has a vast selection in basic tights, girder belts, trois quarts in many colors and prints suitable and hard wearing for every time of the day. These collections are also enriched with t-shirts, isothermal shirts in various cuts and designs, isothermal pants, isothermal socks and slipper boots for the whole family.

The product line is also complimented by stylish swimwear for a full summer bust and modern, elegant beachwear dresses in a romantic and boho style. The stripes are upgraded, the floral prints make a dynamic come back, the funky checkered distinguish and the most pop colors of summer keep us company all along the summer… BREAK the rules with the best COLOUR MIX combinations is swimsuits and outwear! Practical aesthetics and simple lines leave their mark in every collection of the BRAND.

Ysabel Mora addresses the woman, man and child who seeks the new fashion statements in basic and comfortable materials which differentiate themselves for their quality and high value for money!

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