Big bust has finally acquired the most beautiful, comfortable and exotic swimwear

Self’s goal is to offer products that cover a wider range of consumer audiences. For this reason, it has swimsuits for women and a smaller collection with men’s swimsuits. It also has an exquisite collection of sportswear swimsuits, reinforced with Teflon material for better grip.

Self presents collections that aim to travel to exotic destinations. Destinations like unique Thailand, sunny Mallorca and the heavenly islands of Bora Bora. The designers of the company are inspired by sunny beaches with tropical vegetation and crystal clear waters creating dreamy designs. Due to the wide range of colors, designs and sizes, each woman has the opportunity to find an excellent swimsuit for herself. According to the latest trends in fashion, the company’s specialists are continually preparing a variety of design options to meet every requirement:

Swimsuits of the Fluo range feature bright and striking colors in beige, grey, blue and other smooth colors. This range makes summer tan looks very glamorous.

The Flower series is based on floral patterns, thanks to them every woman feels refreshed, relaxed and airy.

Ethnic designs were created to showcase the freedom and wild beauty of nature. Stunning designs with animal prints and exotic motifs shine the female silhouette.

Glamor swimsuits are clad in sophisticated and unique details. They are characterized by impeccable application, beads and Swarovski crystals.

The Slim Collection is an ideal solution for women who want to look weak and beautiful. The fabric of the collection has microcapsules as well as other natural ingredients for better tightening.

All collections have a wide range of cup sizes as well as Tankini swimsuits for exuberant ladies or pregnant.

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