The company that changed the swimwear concept.

There’s no place like the Australian beach. We should know, we were founded there in 1975 and have been helping shape unforgettable summer memories ever since.

In 1975 “Peters Folly” started by Peter and Yvonne Halas in their offices in Foveaux St, Surry Hills. In August 1975, they make their first delivery to Myer – an order of $267. In 1979 “Peters Folly” rebranded as Seafolly.

Seafolly today has more than 120 employees, 25 stores (Australia, USA, Singapore) and exports to 41 countries. In addition, over 2700 locations worldwide sell products of the company.

Seafolly’s unique prints are inspired by the Australian coasts as well as the Australian lifestyle. As the No. 1 swimwear company in Australia, its goal is to embrace and convey these feelings to all the edges of the earth.

The entire collection of Seafolly is strictly selected by the company’s people. They even say that they are the worst judges and the toughest customers of their own.

Innovative, modern and high quality swimwear, clothes and accessories are included in the collection in an attempt to satisfy every demanding customer.

The range of swimwear has plenty of designs as well as plenty of color and prints. The sizes are also plentiful, covering from A cup to F cup.

The clothes collection is consists of trousers, shorts, harem pants, shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, jumpsuits and what else a modern woman needs. While the accessories feature hats, bags, wallets, beach bags, towels, shoes, scarves and sunglasses. In particular, the collection of sunglasses lately has stolen the hearts of the consumer.

Seafolly is a high-level company capable of competing with major brands in fashion and not only.

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