Discover the new woman’s and man’s pajamas – home wear from QBO!

With absolute comfort and distinctive fitting they are coming to cover all the seasons, from Spring till the coldest winter days. The QBO company represents the Italian design and the high quality in the categories of pajamas and home wear.

QBO is a company that offers fun and specialized clothing items, that are cozy “homely” clothes, with style and taste, along with playful underwear. The company’s philosophy is to offer products that stand out with their quality and their design. It is always following the trends, capable of guarantying  the innovation in the garments of interlock, jacquard, flanella, viscose, felpa and coral fleece. The success of QBO home wear and underwear products is achieved by combining fabrics, fittings, details, printings and colors. All of the above result in a faster drying time and total comfort and fitting to everyone’s body.

Comfort is one of the key elements that define QBO’s creative style.

Through the every day’s rush or at work or at home with your family it pushes the boundaries of design by bringing fresh, luxurious and comfortable items for you to wear day and night. The fresh aesthetics bring clean lines to all of the lingerie collection with fine materials that lack stitching lines that cover your body like a second skin… QBO offers the design, the functionality, the endurance, the comfort and the high quality fabrics.

The quality man’s pajamas made by QBO include modern prints and classical lines for all men types. QBO was created inside a vision that celebrate the relationship between men and women.

All the lines in its collection reflect the company values: QBO home wear stands for male and female clothing items that are distinguished by naturalness, quality, innovation and a personality that stands out!

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