Fantasies take life with sensual and playful lingerie sets.

Obsessive has its base in Poland since 2006. The company’s products are underwear, suits and accessories with sexy, spicy and fun mood. They are an ideal choice for women who want to impress, seduce or start a role-playing game.

Obsessive’s underwear is manufactured in Poland with the highest quality raw materials. They have a wide range of textiles such as lace and tulle to produce fancy underwear. The company’s range of products consists of underwear, suspenders, bodysuits, baby dolls, costumes as well as accessories. The company’s codes are endless so that every woman can fulfill her own erotic fantasy. Sophisticated, sexy lingerie in sizes S / M and L / XL, ensure excellent fit and comfort by raising female confidence. Recently, due to the increased demand for underwear for each female body, Obsessive has made new improvements. Presents the “Strong Knit” technology and its new sizes, S / M / L and XL / XXL. These new sizes provide excellent durability and flexibility.

Throughout the production process, the company’s products are subject to double quality control. This ensures that only high-quality underwear arrives in the hands of consumers.

However, sensual experience does not end here. Each product is carefully packaged to maintain its magic. Each product is wrapped in protective rice paper and in a separate box with the Obsessive hologram. Some products also have a card with greetings from the person who made the package. This process also certifies the authenticity of their underwear.

Besides its outstanding products, Obsessive from 2008 to 2015 receives various kinds of awards such as “Customer’s Golden Laurel”, “Consumer Quality Leader”, “TOP BRAND” and “Dynamic Company”.


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