The brand that accompanies every woman in all phases of her life.

Naturana has more than 100 years of experience in the European market. Naturally it could only be one of the leading lingerie and swimwear companies in the world.

It is headquartered in Germany with factories all over Europe. It has established itself for several years now in the heart of consumers.

With ample experience in the design and production of lingerie and swimwear. It always uses the latest technologies and the best quality of materials in production.

The collection offers a wide product range including the first bra, vests, slips, maternity and speciality bras as well as shapewear. The wide product range enables the brand to dress women throughout all their life stages.

In addition to its complete range as Naturana, it also has Cybele, Blue label, Natmen, and Eva brands. Each offering customised products for different consumer groups, with Natmen being the only brand that manufactures men’s underwear.

The Naturana range features highly specialised products. Originally, the teen cotton bra that satisfies any young girl wanting to wear her first bra.

It also offers several nursing bras meeting the needs of any new mother providing comfort, support and above all self-confidence.

The mastectomy bra is another speciality bra, given that its fabrication requires special know-how. Naturana has created a bra so comfortable and capable of raising the confidence of any woman needing a boost.

Naturana, of course, is famous for its Minimiser series bras. The Minimiser bra has the ability to visually reduce the chest to a number. They are specially designed for large chests and are characterised by soft cups and wide braces for support and comfort.

The wide range of styles that Naturana offers, makes it very easy to find a perfect fitting bra.

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