Lou is a trademark for elegant, stylish underwear and brassieres for every woman. It is famous for the creation of the first bra with side straps, the first underwire and the fabrication of lycra lace. Lou is also the first brand to utilize printing in the seventies and among the first to create matching underwear sets.

The brand was actually founded by businessman Andre Faller in Grenoble France in 1947. Faller met with Lucienne’s wife in the Orient Express a few years before the company was founded. She introduced herself under the alias LOU. She was passionate about fashion and she was making her own underwear for many years.

In the decade of 1950 Lou crafted her first brassiere by assembling laced fabrics and an iron circle. This became known as the first brassiere. Since then, innovations and styles keep on evolving and changing for the best. Today Lou is one of the most popular brands on the planet and winner of the French award Marie Claire Impact 2009 for the lingerie department.

Lou is recognized for the sleek, sexy and feminine lingerie it provides. Bras and slips carry decorative details like embroidery, arches and Swarovski crystals. Collections like Amazone, which includes demi-bra, thongs and strapless are quite elegant to be part of your bridal closet. Other collections include the Lou Code and the Nude Look, with intense embroidery and details like the Epopee Bucolique & Stripes collection.

Lou keeps on innovating in woman’s underwear with its new collections for every year. Live the French luxury along with true quality & exceptional style.

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