Tights and socks that follow all the stages of a woman.

Since 2000, Giulia specializes in the production of pantyhose, socks and leggings for old and young ladies. The company has been developing since 2000, expanding its production facilities continuously. Together with the expansion of the facilities, the range of products available is expanded. The increase in the range of products of the company is due to the increase of the requirements of the consumers. Giulia’s first rule has always been serving the needs of their consumers with quality products at great prices.

Giulia, in order to achieve excellent quality of its products, has invested in technological equipment from the most experts. To be precise, from Italy, Germany, USA, Japan and the Czech Republic. Their raw materials are produced in leading production units such as: Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, Korea, Turkey, Poland and Romania. In addition to technological equipment and top raw materials, Giulia continually invests in know-how. Therefore, it uses the latest production techniques from the beginning of the process up to packaging.

Giulia’s products fill the entire range of women throughout the year. Every climate change is taken into consider every season, especially in the winter collection, with the necessary quantities of wool, cotton and microfibers.

The Giulia products vary and differ. They have a wide range of female pantyhoses such as tall, low weight, plus size, pregnancy, open toe, and tightening. Pantyhose colors and deniers range from exceptionally light summer, to dark winter opaque. Rich variety is also available in socks, high socks with silicone ends and without and with open fingers. Short socks up to the knee and ankle as well as socks come to complete the company’s collection. The collection is completed with leggings in exquisite colors and qualities.

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