Elegance and style are included in Gemma lingerie. A value that seems timeless when it comes to women’s style is the fact that women prefer to wear lingerie that cover their body in the greatest comfort.

The Gemma brand offers to women the choice between revelation and comfort in their collection of bras and slips. Gemma lingerie and shapewear are adored by modern women who seek luxury in their everyday life and offer one of the largest varieties in sizes in the lingerie business.

Gemma first appeared in Spain back in 1990. Since then the brand is gaining the acceptance of women for providing quality products with pioneering materials and contemporary designs. They design brassieres and underwear in stylish, classic shades of nude, black and white along with other vivid colors and decorations like embroidered lace and satin. They target their products to women who like to feel silky and comfy in their lingerie. While the underwear are light, the wires are all well-hidden and stitched in narrow seams for the ultimate comfort level.

Gemma uses a revolutionary fabric called Air-teck. This provides a smooth texture of a t-shirt brassiere and the appealing design of opaque stripes. Gemma also uses 3D fabrics in different styles and it is common knowledge that the soft fiber allows a smooth, invisible line under any cloth.

Gemma is popular among women world-wide and it has appeared in numerous magazines globally like In Touch, Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan. Celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Whoopi Goldberg prefer the brand!

Gemma knows that every woman has a different body. This is the reason for using the latest technology in fashion, fabrics and design to offer to women a selection when it comes to bras and underwear.

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