The concept of cocooning with one word.

Since 1937 Dodo has a rich collection of women’s and men’s pajamas. Their special design combined with the excellent quality of their materials make it one of the most beloved companies.

Dodo is a member of the CTM Style group based in France. CTM Style is popular worldwide for its sleeping and linen products. Their know-how in the field of sleep has made them one of the most reliable companies all over Europe and beyond. They have dealers and shops all over the world. Their key point is the quality of the products they produce, as well as the pleasant experience of their customers. Quality controls are carried out continuously from the beginning of the production process to the end. They know that the average person spends one-third of his life on his bed. This one-third Dodo tries to make it a wonderful experience in everyday life.

A basic part of sleep, but also of our daily routine is pajamas. Dodo has not just a pair of pajamas. It has excellent quality clothes, in a variety of colors and designs, providing a complete sleep experience. The collection features a set of pajamas and robes for men and women, as well as homewear codes. Exceptional designs that can be worn throughout the day at home for comfort and elegance without reminiscent pajamas.

The creative part of Dodo is renowned internationally for its inventiveness. For each season the designers of the company create new designs, new colors often using new materials. The new designs in jackets and ponchos do not mention any pajamas or even homewear. Instead, they can well be worn as underwear by stealing the impressions of the consumers with their excellent quality.

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