Juvenile and fresh collection of lingerie, pajamas and loungewear.

Cybele also has 100 years of experience in the European market as it is under the auspices of Naturana. He has a specialization in the field of underwear, laces and pajamas.

Like Naturana, Cybele has faithful young audiences across Europe and beyond. She has experience in the design and production of lingerie and pajamas, as she always uses the latest technologies and the best quality materials. The underwear sector has established itself in the legacy of Cybele and Naturana, combining high aesthetics and high quality products, offering sophisticated choices at affordable prices.

It has a wide range of designs and colors to meet the needs of every modern woman. In both lingerie and pajamas, patterns and colors vary. Of course, we should not omit the collection from a spandex. Absolutely complete with panty briefs and dresses up to bodysuits and shorts. In black and beige tones they can meet every stylistic need of a modern woman.

Each fashion collection of lingerie is accented with intense but also colorful colors. Crafted and different laces perfectly complement Cybele’s beautiful bra. Bra designs each year evolve to provide total support, incredible application and a touch of freshness and romance. Every bra has its own underwear to create great sets.

The flow collection consists of different bra and briefs in the basic colors white, black and beige. Several designs are reinforced with rich lace creating a wonderful result.

In addition to the collection of lingerie, laces and pajamas, Cybele also has a collection of rich loungewear. The loungewear collection has forms, collages, dresses, jackets, kimono, shirts and t-shirts in various designs to meet every female requirement.

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